The North Carolina Jaycees mailing address:

North Carolina Jaycees
6300 Creedmoor Rd, Ste 170, #257
Raleigh, NC 27612

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*Please note that the ENTIRE address, including suite and box #, MUST be included for us to get the item. This address is to be used starting immediately for payments and all other physical mail correspondence. Packages, including CPG books, should be mailed to this address. This is a commercial mailbox service with staff available Mon - Sat who are able to accept packages on our behalf. As an alternative, chapters may still choose to use the drop-box for CPG submissions and the like at NCJC Headquarters in Asheboro. Headquarters is located at 315 Country Club Drive in Asheboro, NC.


Stacy Hanna 80th State President
Charles Krupinski  79th State President (Chairman of the Board)
Laurie Osborne State Vice President - Business
Ashton Thomason State Vice President - Individual
Sara E. Butner Social Media and Digital Outreach PM