2017 NC Jaycees Executive Committee

If you are interested in filling a vacant position, feel free to contact any officer.  PM stands for Program Manager and are non-voting positions.


State President Stacy Hanna Raleigh shanna@ncjaycees.org
Presidential Advisor Chris Hardee chardee@ncjaycees.org
Legal Counsel David Mofford Hickory dmofford@ncjaycees.org
Treasurer Sara Hardesty Raleigh treasurer@ncjaycees.org
Secretary secretary@ncjaycees.org
Chairman of the Board Stacy Hanna Raleigh shanna@ncjaycees.org
State Vice President – Member Services Laurie Osborne Raleigh losborne@ncjaycees.org
Parade of Excellence (POE) & CLC Program Manager Laurie Osborne/Morgan Tedder Raleigh/Greenville clc@ncjaycees.org
DSA (Distinguished Service Awards) Program Manager Candace Norris Central Carolina dsa@ncjaycees.org
Awards Program Manager Carmen Miller Winston-Salem awards@ncjaycees.org
Communications & Resources PM
(use ebrief@ email address for newsletter submissions)
VACANT communications@ncjaycees.org


Regional Director – East VACANT eastrd@ncjaycees.org
Regional Director – Triangle Catherine Thomas Durham trianglerd@ncjaycees.org
Regional Director – Sandhills VACANT sandhillsrd@ncjaycees.org
Regional Director – Triad Jordan Googe Winston-Salem triadrd@ncjaycees.org
Regional Director – West Cassidy Clayborn Hickory westrd@ncjaycees.org
Regional Director – Mountains No Chapters mountainsrd@ncjaycees.org
State Vice President – Programming Dalace Inman Greenville inman@ncjaycees.org
Competitions & Member Recognition Program Manager Jordan Googe Winston-Salem competitions@ncjaycees.org
Training Program Manager Colleen Anderson Hickory training@ncjaycees.org
Project Guides Program Manager Amy Zambor Winston Salem cpg@ncjaycees.org
State Vice President – Business VACANT
Fundraising PM Caitlyn Weaver Winston Salem fundraising@ncjaycees.org
Public Relations PM VACANT publicrelations@ncjaycees.org
Meetings PM Jocelyn Hardee Jacksonville meetings@ncjaycees.org
State Vice President – Outreach Morgan Tedder Asheboro mtedder@ncjaycees.org
Marketing, Recruitment, and Outreach PM VACANT outreach@ncjaycees.org
Priority Projects PM Yvette Spears Winston-Salem projects@ncjaycees.org
Youth PM Kamilah Davis Central Carolina youth@ncjaycees.org