Resources & Document Library

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Chapter Management

CLC (Civic Leadership Certification)

  • Items Due 2/28
  • Items Due 4/30
  • Items Due 7/30
  • National Civic Leadership


  • Social Post Request Form (2017)
  • eBrief Submission Request Form (2017)

Community & International

  • Community Survey Template
  • US Jaycees Community Survey
  • North Carolina by the Numbers (2009)



Corporate Documents


Distinguished Service Awards (DSA)


Honors (& Aux Organizations)


Cardinal Corps


  • Senate Logo
  • Mentors Information
  • National Senate Application
  • Senate Mentor Program Request Form
  • Mentor Program
  • State Senate Application
  • Return the Favor
  • JCI Application for Senatorship

Individual Development

  • How to Plan an Individual Development Program
  • ID College Guidelines
  • ID Topics and Ideas
  • ID VP To Do List


  • 7 Steps to Building a Better Brand
  • NCJC Small Business List
  • NC Media List  (12/2009)
  • Promoting Your Chapter Online
  • Promoting Your Chapter
  • Sample Chapter Brochure
  • USJC Chapter Public Relations Guide
  • US Jaycees Corporate Marketing Kit Order Form


  • Charter Members Form
  • Editable Membership Cards
  • Extension Checklist
  • Extension Blueprint & Guide
  • Guide to Referral List Recruiting
  • Identifying & Attracting Prospective Members
  • Office Max & Office Depot Discount Card
  • Member Application
  • Membership Plan Form
  • Membership Survey
  • Monthly Projection Form
  • New Chapter Application
  • New Member Orientation
  • New Member Oath & Oath of Office
  • New Member Survey
  • New Member Brochure
  • New Members Project (Presentation)
  • New Members Project Participant’s Manual
  • New Members Project Trainer’s Guide
  • Orientation Flyer
  • Prospect Follow-up Form
  • Prospecting Game
  • Recruiting Ideas
  • Veteran Member Survey

Parade of Excellence

Priority Projects

 > Boys & Girls Home at Lake Waccamaw

> UNC Jaycee Burn Center

> Duke Cancer Patient Support Center

Project Management

Utilizing these tools will help you improve your project management skills and provide help for future project chair people.  The best CPGs not only plan a project for the future, they also document the actions taken and results achieved, with careful recommendations for future project committees.  Additionally, these items can help you and your chapter receive state and national recognition.

  • CPG Book Contents Guide (A list of what should be included in a project book.
  • Blank Chairman’s Planning Guide (This guide should be utilized for planning, executing and completing any chapter project.
  • Project Financial Statement (This form should be utilized as you budget and report projected and actual income and expenditures for a project.)


  • The Power of Your Ideas
  • 360-Degree!
  • Bridging Conflicts
  • Communication Dynamics
  • Corporate Recruiting

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