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The North Carolina Jaycees honor individuals who have made outstanding contributions to their chapters and their communities during the first semester (January through June).

First Semester Awards are presented at the Mid-Year Convention. Questions can be emailed to

Nomination Forms for 2021 1St Semester Awards:

Distinguished Service Awards (DSA)

The 2020 North Carolina Jaycees Distinguished Service Awards are held each year at the Mid-Year Convention. Additional information about each of the nominations can be found here

Second Semester and Year-End Awards are presented at the Year-End Convention. Questions can be emailed to

Nomination Forms for 2021 2nd Semester Awards:

Nomination Forms for 2021 Year-End Awards:

Chapter Management

CLC (Civic Leadership Certification)

The JCI USA Civic Leadership Certification Program was created to ensure that JCI USA states and chapters are providing the minimum services required to their members to support their efforts toward sustainable

The program sets a minimum standard for how JCI state and chapter organizations should be operating so that they provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change. The standards outlined on will help JCI USA states and chapters function in a matter that creates greater access for members to receive services, information and opportunities that will empower them to create sustainable impact.


Community & International


Junior Chamber International offers a variety of competitions aimed at improving members’ skills in the areas of speaking, writing, and debate. Competitions are held semi-annually at state sponsored events.  Top performers in these competitions move on to National competitions and, from there, compete at the International level.

Why not try your hand at a variety of events, including speaking, writing, interviewing, and debate? There’s no better time than now to improve your skills.

Check out Competitions here!


  • 2021 Mid-Year Convention – August 30,  Raleigh
  • 2021 Year-End Convention – February 4-6 2022, Gaston Couty

Corporate Documents


Honors (& Auxiliary Organizations)


The JCI USA Ambassador honor recognizes those who have served the organization and their community with highest distinction and greatest contribution. Thank that special individual for their outstanding service, involvement, and commitment by nominating them as an Ambassador — the highest honor bestowed on a Jaycee in the United States.

Traditionally in NC Jaycees, new JCI USA Ambassadors are inducted at the Annual Year-End Convention.

JCI USA Ambassador Application

Cardinal Corps