NC Jaycees History

  • January 5, 1929 – Charter Member # 266, Charlotte Junior Chamber of Commerce. Followed by Winston- Salem, Raleigh, and Fayetteville in the early 1930’s.
  • April 17, 1937 – North Carolina Jaycees was founded with T. Spruill Thornton of Winston-Salem as the first state president. State organization begins adopting priority projects to focus on statewide needs.
  • December 6, 1938 – Charter Member # 547, North Carolina Jaycees. State Headquarters was located in the basement of the Security National Bank Building in High Point.
  • 1943 – NC Jaycees adopted the Miss America franchise. In 1950 it was adopted as a permanent project. North Carolina was the first state organization to be affiliated with the Miss America Pageant.
  • 1947 – North Carolina’s FUTURE monthly publication was born. Over time the name changed to the LEADER. In 2008, the publication went electronic as the E-Brief, which is emailed to members twice a month. Information is also kept on the website
  • 1952 – In August the State Headquarters moved to a building known as “The World’s Largest Bureau” in High Point.
  • 1962 – The Jaycee Cottage was dedicated at the Boys & Girls Homes of North Carolina at Lake Waccamaw.
  • 1965 – First Executive Vice President began serving. In 1995, this position was changed to a full time Executive Director. Starting in 2010, there is no state headquarters staff.
  • 1967 – North Carolina Jaycees were the first state in the US to recognize the need to extend chapters into the correctional system. The first institutional chapter was chartered at Sandy Ridge by the Greensboro Jaycees.
  • November 12, 1967 – North Carolina Jaycees Memorial Foundation, Inc. was founded to oversee the activities of building a new headquarters in Asheboro.
  • 1968 – First known gathering of the Senators in North Carolina. North Carolina Jaycees International Senate was chartered in 1975. On June 4, 1999, the NC JCI Senate was incorporated.
  • April 26, 1969 – State Headquarters Building was dedicated as an honorarium to the 12,800 members at that time.
  • February 23, 1981 – The North Carolina Jaycee Burn Center was established at UNC and continues to save hundreds of lives, advance the scientific knowledge of burn care and rehabilitation and has since become recognized as one of the best comprehensive burn centers in the world.
  • June 1984 – North Carolina Jaycees vote to admit females as members of the organization.
  • 1987 – The NC Jaycee Outpatient Treatment Facility at the Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center was created and cancer patients make more than 85,000 visits per year to our outpatient clinics for treatment or follow-up care. At The US Jaycees Annual Meeting, the age for membership defined as 21 to 40.
  • 1988– NC Jaycee Cardinal Corps formed.
  • 2011– At its January 29th meeting, the NC Jaycees Board of Directors voted to name the Duke Cancer Patient Support Program at the Duke Cancer Institute as a State Priority Project. We had previously partnered with Duke as part of its NC Jaycee Outpatient Treatment Center.  Since then we have contributed over $1 million to aid the organization in making life easier and more comfortable for patients and their families.
  • 2016– At its January 30th meeting, the North Carolina Jaycees voted to adjust the age limit to 18-40.  This change is in line with the US Junior Chamber and JCI.

North Carolina Jaycee Presidents
*notates deceased

1st Spruill Thornton* 1937-38
2nd Dallas Alford, Jr.* 1938-39
3rd Wisner Chamblee* 1939-40
4th George Lentz* 1940-41
5th Basil Whitner* 1941-42
6th Howard Halberstadt* 1942-43
7th Ray Bandy* 1943-44
8th Robert Albernathy* 1944-45
9th Clayton Frost* 1945-46
10th Odell Lambeth* 1946-47
11th Ed Ellis* 1947-48
12th William Harrison 1948-49
13th Micou Browne* 1949-50
14th Edgar Snider* 1950-51
15th Harry Stewart 1951-52
16th J.B Brame 1952-53
17th Gene Ochsenreiter 1953-54
18th William Henderson 1954-55
19th Edgar Gurganus* 1955-56
20th Robert Cox 1956-57
21st Jack Sharpe* 1957-58
22nd Marvin Koonce, Jr. 1958-59
23rd Al Harrison* 1959-60
24th Al Sharpe 1960-61
25th Fred Swartzberg 1961-62
26th John Kennedy 1962-63
27th Bill Suttle 1963-64
28th Bill McDonald * 1964-65
29th Cabel Ramsey 1965-66
30th Irvin Aldridge 1966-67
31st Luther Britt, Jr. * 1967-68
32nd Jim Church 1968-69
33rd Jim Ollis * 1969-70
34th Bill Hobbs 1970-71
35th Avery Nye, Jr. 1971-72
36th Fred G. Morrison, Jr. 1972-73
37th James C. Hastings 1973-74
38th Gus Tulloss 1974-75
39th Jim Morgan 1975-76
40th Joe Hollowell 1976-77
41st John Fletcher 1977-78
42nd Harold Herring 1978-79
43rd Maurice Wilson 1979-80
44th John S. Lowery 1980-81
45th Reich Welborn 1981-82
46th Jim Cole 1982-83
47th Jim Godfrey 1983-84
48th Randall Essick 1984-85
49th Jerry Wall 1985-86
50th Glen Daly * 1986-87
51st Rick Byrd 1987-88
52nd Joe Walker 1988-89
53rd Donnie Solomon 1989-90
54th Mossy White 1990-91
55th Bill Sharek 1991-92
56th Wesley Googe 1992-93
57th Mary Shott Speaker 1993-94
58th T.W. King 1994-95
59th Terry Bennett 1995-96
60th David Strickland 1996-97
61st Randy Bunn 1997-98
62nd Alan Hemphill 1998
63rd Michael Woodard 1999
64th Milton Kern 2000
65th Kristy Whisnant 2001
66th Tom Cramer 2002
67th Michele Denton 2003
68th Shannon Foster 2004
69th Kenn Kubacki 2005
70th Joanie Cramer 2006
71st Sharon Worthington 2007
72nd Chris Hardee 2008
73rd Valerie Huffman 2009
74th Maria Hicks-Few 2010
75th Troy D. Powell 2011
76th Jennifer E. Salmon 2012
77th Scott Alexander 2013
78th Jocelyn Hardee 2014
79th Charles Krupinski 2015
80th Stacy Hanna 2016
81st Ashton Thomason 2017
82nd Stacy Hanna 2017
83rd Anna Price 2018


Information provided by A.J. Morton, Jr., JCI Senator #16254
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prepared by A.J. Morton, Jr., JCI Senator #16254