JCI University’s mission is to: (1) provide the training needed to ensure that JCI members have the right competencies and skills to conduct projects and training seminars, and to serve as JCI local, national or international leaders; and (2) to provide the training necessary to live our mission by helping our members develop: leadership skills, social responsibility, fellowship, and entrepreneurship. Summaries of courses offered follows.

To guide trainers along the path of excellence, JCI has established a Certification Program – a road map to achievement in the field of training. The program provides incentives and opportunities for members to improve their technical skills through specialized training, career development programs, and active participation in training efforts in the field.

  • JCI Presenter. The JCI Effective Presentation Course is a full day course that focuses on the concepts of creating and delivering an effective presentation utilizing visual aids and strong delivery methods with a mind towards understanding the audience. Participants practice presentations during the entire course.  JCI Presenter should be taken by all members who want to expand their presentation skills in order to make better project reports and intervene during chapter meetings.

  • JCI Trainer. The JCI planning and delivering adult training course is a two day course that covers adult learning styles, the best training methods to teach adults, the training tools and other techniques you need to understand to deliver training for adult audiences.  JCI Trainer can be taken by those who graduated from JCI Presenter and want to develop their confidence in presenting complex information in an understandable and interesting way, and increase your ability to motivate others.  Qualifications to attend: JCI Presenter Graduate

JCI Trainers are equipped to offer their Local Organizations a wide range of training courses available from JCI. Certification will be automatic after graduating from JCI Trainer. No further application is needed. JCI members are encouraged to seek advanced certification after successfully completing the JCI Trainer course (or Prime before 2008). There are four levels of training achievements that can be reached by every member in JCI.

Level 1: Certified Local Trainer (CLT) A JCI Trainer (Prime) seeking admission at level 1 – Certified Local Trainer (CLT) – is required to complete 25 hours of training in courses organized by JCI Local or National Organizations officially affiliated to JCI and recorded in JCI database and having JCI members as participants. CLTs will continue conducting training at the local level or higher until they complete the total hours to attend a JCI Designer course.

Level 2: Certified National Trainer (CNT) A CLT seeking certification at level 2 – Certified National Trainer (CNT) – is required to conduct 25 additional hours of training in courses organized by JCI Local or National Organizations officially affiliated to JCI and recorded in JCI database and having JCI members as participants. Training hours must be logged in the trainer’s database at JCI’s website. The maximum hours allowed for this level is six hours of training per day and the trainer can only advance to this level 90 days after graduating from becoming CLT. After conducting , attend and graduate from a JCI Designer course.

  • JCI Designer. The JCI Training Designers Course, is a program of the JCI University that will prepare individuals who already have proven talent in training presentation, for a new dimension of training development. JCI Designer uses the most advanced concepts, methods, and technology designed to create the environment to allow students to develop a new training course during the JCI Designer course. Students will work with computers and basic knowledge in Microsoft Word® and Power Point® is required. Qualifications to attend: CLT+25 Status

Certification will be automatic after graduating from a JCI Designer course. No further application is needed. CNTs have the opportunity to make even more meaningful contributions to JCI by providing regional and national training, and developing new training courses.

Certified National Trainers may then attend JCI Head Trainer. This course presents the JCI training standards of performance and efficiency for JCI Certified Trainers, unveils the methods of mentoring and coaching the Assistant Trainers, helping them to improve their skills and efficiency in delivering the course content and brings up the Head Trainer’s responsibilities with online course administration, programming and reporting. 

For information on Level 3: International Graduate (IG) and National Graduate (NG) and Level 4: International Training Fellow (ITF), visit http://www.jci.cc/training/en/jciofficialcourses

Additional Training Classes Available (with no qualifications to attend)

  • JCI Achieve. The JCI Local Organization Development Course is a full day course that uses discussions and case studies to understand and establish the local organization’s identity, its purpose and what to do to accomplish JCI’s Mission, effectively adopt and use recognizable and appreciated activities, understand the existing demographic groups and their characteristics and how to build a attractive organization that will bring in new members who are looking for the development opportunities and want to create positive change as active citizens.  JCI Achieve should be taken by all members who want to fully understand the meaning, purpose and dynamics of building an attractive JCI local organization.

  • JCI Admin. JCI Local Organization Management Course recommended for all new local board members or any member who wants to become a leader at any level in the Local Organization. The course covers the structure of the local board, management of the Local Organization affairs, the conducting of meetings, planning and the importance of having community activities for the achievement of JCI’s Mission.  JCI Admin is a full day course and should be taken by all members who want to fully understand the dynamics of the management, administration, planning and meetings of a Local Organization.

  • JCI Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Course is a half day course designed to create awareness in Active Citizens that individuals have responsibility to their community and the environment, it promotes the principles of United Nations Global Compact in the practice of business, encourages individuals to act responsibly in business and society and encourages the implementation of best Corporate Social Responsibility practices.  JCI CSR is recommended for people who seek to understand their role as Active Citizens within the community and the environment as well understanding the commitment that individuals can make to ensure the sustainability of our planet, and prosperity of people in the community.

  • JCI Networking is the JCI course on turning your personal contacts into lasting, trusted and productive connections and relationships. The course covers the principles and dynamics of networking, how to identify and use the opportunities when contacting people, what to do and say during any encounter with a potential connection, the follow up actions needed after meeting the person to keep adding value to the connection and how to use the participation in JCI activities to build a network of connections for the future.

To learn about the JCI Training programs in greater detail, please visit the JCI University at https://jci.cc/en/skills