nC jaycees foundation and nCJCs Headquarters

The purpose of the North Carolina Jaycee Memorial Foundation, Incorporated is to acquire real property and to construct, operate and/or maintain the State Headquarters Building. Funding for the Memorial Foundation comes from monies received from the North Carolina Jaycees dues, facility rental and other income as generated. The Trustees of the Memorial Foundation consist of 12 elected members, the Executive Director of the North Carolina Jaycees, the current President of the North Carolina Jaycees and the immediate Past President. The Trustees meet annually in conjunction with the Year End meeting of the North Carolina Jaycees and as needed in called meetings. The officers of the Memorial Foundation included a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.  For more information about the Memorial Foundation, please contact Memorial@ncjaycees.or

Information about usage & rental of the NC Jaycees Headquarters Building

Looking for a venue for any event? If so, the State Headquarters of the North Carolina Jaycees offers just what you are looking for. Boasting a variety of meeting and social spaces, this venue can accommodate events both large and small. Rental availability is based on reservations, so please contact to inquire about both availability and rates.


Available Spaces  

General Meeting Room – Measuring approximately 2,000 square feet, this space is conducive to meetings, parties, business trainings, or whatever your general need is. The room features serving space at an adjoining kitchen, tile floors, and a separate side entrance. In addition, there is a raised stage that measures 10 feet deep located across the front of the room, which is ideal to highlight speakers, decorations, head tables, or anything of the like. Tables and chairs are also available. This room can easily accommodate groups of 40-50 people, or more, depending on the layout.

Kitchen – A fully functioning kitchen is available featuring a range, ample counter space, a refrigerator/freezer, a double-sided sink, microwave, and other amenities. Folding doors cover a window that can be kept closed to allow for storage and privacy or opened to allow this space to be incorporated into the Meeting Room.

Conference Room – This space is ideal for business meetings, trainings, storage, or just general use. A conference table is provided that can seat up to 10-12 people at a time. Projectors can also be used in this area. This private room is separate from the others, but is close enough to be just steps from the Meeting Space.

Work Room – This space features ample counter space and is ideal for organizing projects, mailings, promotional material, or the like.

Lobby – A tastefully decorated lobby featuring seating for 6-7 people and 2 tables offers you a cozy environment in which to greet people, socialize, reminisce, or even to set up a display that sets the tone for your event. The 2 full-panel glass doors offer those in the lobby a great view of people entering, and the door chime alerts you when guests enter with a pleasant tone.

Contact us now for details regarding availability and rates. From beginning to end, the State Headquarters of the North Carolina Jaycees offers you a remarkable space at an equally reasonable price. Whether your event is a business meeting, wedding reception, family reunion, or anything else, we look forward to helping you turn the plans of today into the memories of tomorrow.

Address: 315 Country Club Drive, Asheboro NC 27205