The North Carolina Jaycee Foundation

Mission and History

The North Carolina Jaycee Foundation, Incorporated is a 501-c3 non-profit foundation. This means that contributions to the Foundation can be tax deductible, whether gifts are in monetary or asset form. The Foundation was established to allow contributions that are tax deductible and assist the NC Jaycee organization and individual community Jaycee chapters with fundraising for charities, special causes, and community demands.

The two most visible programs currently overseen by the Foundation are the North Carolina Jaycees Five Outstanding Teenagers awards program and North Carolina Jaycees Disaster Relief Fund.

The Five Outstanding Teenagers awards program accepts applications from Jaycee chapters on behalf of outstanding high school seniors from their area. Upon evaluation of these applications by the Foundation’s Scholarship subcommittee, the five most outstanding receive scholarship awards. The NC Jaycees recognize the winners at the Distinguished Service Awards Banquet coinciding with the spring convention.

The Disaster Relief Fund was established in September 1999 following hurricane Floyd’s devastating flooding of eastern North Carolina. North Carolina Jaycee chapters and individual Jaycees donated monies establishing the Fund. The Foundation created an application process and distributed funds based on a review by the Foundation Board of Trustees. Initially, funds were distributed to individuals impacted by hurricane Floyd. Subsequently, funds for disaster aid have been distributed to individuals in NC affected by other disasters and have also been distributed to, other state Jaycee organizations , and national relief organizations for disaster relief. Applications for disaster relief are available here.

Now and in the future, the Foundation remains as a conduit for tax-deductible donations for any charity or special cause identified by the North Carolina Jaycees. In addition, any community Jaycee chapter may utilize the Foundation for these purposes.

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